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There is loads more still to come too – check back as we continue uploading all the prints, the Argyle cartoons and loads of Pubs and Place Names from Chris’s regular Looking Back feature in The Plymouth Herald.

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What’s new in Chris Robinson’s Plymouth

Check back regularly for more news and knowledge from Chris and his unique view of the city. As well as details of his latest talks and products, we’ll be raiding the archives and publishing the Pubs and Place Names that have long been a key part of Chris’s Looking Back feature in the Plymouth Herald. 


There had to be one, somewhere in Plymouth, at some point in time – a pub named after the local football team.  The question is, when did this York Street pub acquire its name?

The building it seems, was used as a beer retailer’s from at least the early 1860s […]


Writing almost two hundred years ago the early Plymouth historian Woollcombe wrote of the Barbican that the name ‘indeed implies that it was a fortified place, and projected from the Castle itself, which stood on the hill above, now called Lambhay Hill.  Some remains of this Castle are still […]


A somewhat unusual name for a pub it was by no means unique to Plymouth as there is another, still open today, in Lancashire (Todmorden) and there is a Shannon, in Suffolk (Bucklesham) and a Two Ships (in Rochdale) all of which commemorate the same event: namely the celebrated […]


Many streets in this neighbourhood are named in honour of past Commanders-in-Chief of Devonport, but the name Pym has local associations that go back long before the ‘port of Devon’, as it became, was even conceived.

John Pym, the MP for Tavistock, was a childhood friend of Sir Francis Drake […]


Time was when Hoe Street ran from Notte Street straight up to the Hoe, however in the 1950s post-war redevelopment of Notte Street the bottom end was appropriated for the construction of the so-called ‘star’ (on account of their shape and design) flat developments.  The western side of Hoe […]