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Backtracking Around Plymouth, Tavistock South & Launceston


Published November 2018 – Coming Soon
In this, the third of Bernard Mills’ wonderful Backtracking series, the author takes us on a wistful journey through this still largely rural corner of South West Dartmoor and on into Cornwall.

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Now mostly refashioned as an extremely picturesque pedestrian and cycle path, the Plym Valley route takes us through many long lost stations: Marsh Mills, Bickleigh, Shaugh, Yelverton, Princetown, Horrabridge, Tavistock, Lydford and Launceston, each of them evoking a nostalgia for the past and a wonder for the present … if only the line hadn’t been closed.

The pictorial pairings are as ever fascinating to compare, and the differences are invariably immense as the author takes himself back to places he and his fellow photographers last visited half a century or so ago.

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